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4 Month Sleep Regression Signs and How You Can Help Your Child Avoid Them

The first four months of a baby’s life can be quite difficult for parents. Their sleeping patterns change a lot and may seem like they’re not getting any better. But these sleep regression symptoms can be a red flag and indicate a potential change in your child’s sleeping habits. Listed below are the most common signs of 4 month sleep regression and how you can help your child avoid them. Remember, these symptoms don’t last forever – they will eventually pass.

Your baby’s sleep schedule is changing, and so do yours. Make sure you stick to a consistent schedule for mealtime and nap time. Whenever your baby tries to sleep, he or she may suddenly start to fuss or yawn. Be sure to put him or her in a quiet area to sleep. Remember, that babies are sensitive to sleep deprived environments, and the most effective way to help them fall asleep is to get them as much rest as possible.

During this stage, your baby may start to wake up frequently, albeit with no obvious reason. You may notice that your baby is trying to learn to roll over and sit up instead of sleeping in the same spot for longer. In addition, your baby may be more aware of the surroundings and will have trouble settling down for naptime. It’s important to be aware of these changes so you can help your baby sleep better. You can also help your baby get back on the right schedule by offering comforting naps and feeding them during the day makeeover

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