5 Things to Love About Australian Art

A great mind once said, “Art is the signature of Civilisations”, and truer words have not been spoken! The types of art you spot in different cities and countries have all evolved through ages of cultural, social and political influence. One can never know everything about art, for it is not limited to one form, shape, style, type or country! So, to increase your artsy knowledge, here are five things to love about Australian art!

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1 Art > Sports

Even though Australians are known for their rough and tough games like rugby and football, you would be shocked to see that according to numerous reports and surveys, most people would rather visit an art gallery/exhibition than a sports match! People have also added that they would rather buy Australian art than tickets to a sports event.

2 Increasing Market

Due to the changing attitude of Australians toward the artistic world, you can see that Australia is making a good amount of contribution to the global art industry. With many local artists flourishing in their unique niches, and people ready to buy something extraordinary, the Australian art market is on its way to boom internally for sure, if not internationally, in a few years.

People are also looking to buy Australian art as an investment which could generate a good amount of returns upon selling it again. This has also resulted in a growth in Australian artists’ incomes.

3 Global Reach

Australian art has widely gone online. Artists are getting recognised with many platforms and websites coming up. Numerous authentic websites allow people to sell and buy Australian art all digitally. This has given local artists a stronger boost and has allowed a wider audience to reach Australian art.

4 Divided Into Phases

Much like the entire country of Australia, its art has also been developing and adapting to the changing world. The Aboriginal form of art, which mainly consisted of stick figures, started around 60,000–80,000 years ago. Then came the colonial and convict artworks that populated the art world even when history faced dull times full of banishment and punishment. With rising awareness of ateliers, many artists started earning income through intimate and private art workshops. Then came European-influenced Modernism which influenced many paintings and finally created the contemporary artwork you spot today.

5 Variety of Niches

You will find everything in Australian art, from seascapes to cityscapes and from conceptual to abstract. Many artists from all around the world have pursued their artistic studies in Australia and are proud to call themselves Australian art creators. Due to this, a lot of Australian art comes from different cultural origins, and it is portrayed in the outcomes as well! If you want to buy Australian art, you will find countless beautiful options that will confuse you in the sea of possibilities.

These artworks are excellent and mindful options for decorating your home or office settings. You can easily find a pick that resonates with you and simultaneously help out the art industry by investing in it!

Final Words

In Australian art, you will find pictures that challenge you and urge you to think and rethink your perspective. A picture that tells one story for one person might not be the same for another. This complexity in itself is the beauty of Australian art. So now that you know why people love it, it’s time for you to get some Australian art for your home!

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