Advantage and Disadvantage of MoviesDaily

Besides the fact that movies are great for entertainment, they also have an advantage and a disadvantage. They help us to know more about things that interest us and raise awareness about social issues. And they also play a role in our life as a form of therapy jobexpressnews.

Romantic movies and comedies decrease stress hormone levels and blood pressure

Apparently, romantic movies and comedies can improve your overall well-being. While not all movies are created equal, those with happy endings and a healthy dose of levity are likely to have you smiling ear to ear. Not to mention the other benefits of watching a romantic movie, like reduced stress and improved memory.

A recent study reveals that watching a romantic movie can actually be good for your heart. For one, the happy ending will burn off stress hormones and leave you feeling refreshed. Aside from the aforementioned benefits, studies have shown that watching a romantic movie before bed will help prevent insomnia.

According to one study, a belly laugh can burn up to 40 calories in just 10 minutes. It’s also good for your heart in the sense that it will increase your circulation and lower your blood pressure. Lastly, there are other health benefits associated with belly laughter, like improving your immune system and reducing stress.

Horror movies appeal to ‘cultural omnivores’

Several factors have been attributed to the enjoyment of horror movies. These factors include personality, empathy, theory of mind, and sensation seeking. In order to understand how these factors influence horror film enjoyment, researchers have studied the effect of various aspects of horror on behavior.

For instance, some studies have argued that certain personality types may have an innate preference for violent material. Edwards (1984) found that thrill and adventure seeking was the most important factor in predicting the enjoyment of frightening films for men. However, men’s sensation seeking did not predict their enjoyment of horror films consistently.

Some studies also have found that a person’s level of empathy and fearfulness is important. People with low levels of empathy and fearfulness tend to prefer graphic horror movies. However, people with high levels of empathy and fearfulness found graphic horror movies less enjoyable makeidealcareer.

They are a form of therapy

Using movies in therapy is a great way to help people deal with the challenges in their lives. This can be done alone or in group therapy. A therapist will select films that are related to the patient’s difficulties. They might also “prescribe” a specific movie. During a movie therapy session, the therapist will discuss the main themes from the movie. They might also ask the patient to watch the movie with specific people. This can lead to new insights getcareergoal.

Cinemetherapy is a form of expressive therapy that uses films and television shows to help people deal with their problems. It is not a substitute for traditional therapy. It can be applied in different modalities, including individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy. It can also help couples find a solution to their relationship problems.

They raise awareness about social issues

Increasingly, movies are taking up the torch in terms of social awareness. While films aren’t the only way to make a difference in society, they have a number of benefits, especially if they’re marketed to the right audience. They can teach a lesson, raise awareness, and even inspire social change. Filmmakers should be aware that a film that does the right things may also do the wrong ones careerpioneer.


As a result, it’s important to choose the right movies for the right audience. This includes choosing the right content for your children. For example, it’s not just teenagers who can access pornographic content online. They can also watch songs promoting drug abuse. Choosing the right movies for your children isn’t always easy, but it is possible web series review.


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