Getting divorced in Wisconsin: The dos and don’ts

Wisconsin is a no-fault divorce state. If your marriage is irretrievably broken and there is no room for any possible reconciliation in the future, that’s a reason enough to get divorced. There is a mandatory waiting period of 120 days in Wisconsin, but in the real world, divorces often take longer. If you need local divorce representation, hiring an attorney based in your county is a good idea. Here are the dos and don’ts you need to follow during and after the divorce. 

  1. DO NOT ignore the papers. If your spouse has served you divorce papers, you should respond. Don’t assume that they cannot get a divorce because you have refused to cooperate. 
  2. DO hire an attorney. The same attorney cannot represent both sides in a divorce. You should get an attorney on your side, especially when your spouse has already hired a lawyer for the case. 
  3. DO communicate with your attorney. Your attorney deserves to know each and every detail that could impact the case. For instance, if you have custody of your kids for now and your spouse tried to meet the kids in your absence, your attorney should be aware of that. 
  4. DO NOT step back from seeking help. Your attorney may have the best legal advice, but they cannot replace the need for a therapist. If you are disturbed or drained because of the divorce, go for counseling.  
  5. DO NOT forget to update your Financial Disclosure Statement. You have to do this if you have purchased new assets or have changed jobs before the divorce is finalized. 
  6. DO allow your child to have a relationship with the other parent. Unless there is a looming threat, don’t project your fears or insecurities on the child. If the court has issued temporary orders, always respect that. 
  7. DO NOT post on social media. You may want to share information with the world, but your divorce shouldn’t be a matter of public discussion. Never post anything on social media that can go against you. 
  8. DO NOT plan your marriage right now. If you want to remarry, you have to wait for at least six months after your divorce as per Wisconsin laws. Don’t be tempted to marry in another state, as that marriage would be considered void.

Call a lawyer to discuss your circumstances. Each divorce is unique, and only an experienced lawyer can advise on the matter as per the situation demands. 

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