How to care for your Beach towels?


Cleaning, storing and caring for your towels are important to enjoying them. Towels dry off after going in the water, sitting on the beach or just being outdoors. Beach towels can become stained and worn out if they are not cared for properly.

Clean your beach towels first before storing them.

Beach towels are very functional and can be used in many different ways. They are extremely useful when drying off after swimming net worth, showering or even working out. If you have a dirty beach towel, it’s best to clean it before storing it away in your linen closet so they don’t become a breeding ground for bacteria or mildew.

  • Wash the beach towel with warm water and detergent before using any stain removers; this will help remove oils from your skin and make them smell better!
  • Don’t use bleach on your towels as this may ruin their colour over time due to fading (bleaching agents tend not only to bleach clothing but also fabrics like cotton). Avoid fabric softeners as these can leave behind residue, which could lead to mildew growth inside drawers, etcetera).
  • Once washed, check for stains – if there are any left behind, try treating them first before washing again if necessary (or at least let air dry instead of placing these items into the dryer machine).

Use detergent that is colour safe to wash your towels.

The first thing is to ensure the detergent you use is colour safe. Your towels will be much more likely to retain their vibrancy and look new if you choose a detergent designed for washing clothes that are colour safe Basics of Fiverr.

Next, wash your towels on a gentle cycle in cold water. You should also wash towels with other light-coloured items so they can be cleaned together (colours can bleed onto each other). Lastly, use mild detergents since harsh chemicals can damage your towels over time trendingbird.

Do not use bleach or fabric softener on your towels.

  • Do not use bleach or fabric softener on your towels; they will break down the fibres of your beach towel and wear out faster.
  • Wash your towels worddocx every two weeks in cold water with mild detergent. If you want to wash them more often than that, then you can do so but make sure that you rinse very well before drying them just so that there is no soap residue left behind, which could cause damage to the fabric over time.

Wash only 2 or 3 towels together in the washing machine.

  • Wash only 2 or 3 towels in the washing machine to keep agitation to a minimum. Unless you want your towels to look like they’ve been dragged through the sand, don’t wash them with other items that may cause more friction, such as jeans and t-shirts.
  • Avoid using too much detergent on your beach towel. Extra detergent can leave white residue on your towel or make its colour fade faster than it should.


  • Wash your towels separately in cold water using a gentle detergent. Use milder soaps instead of harsher detergents.
  • Avoid fabric softeners at all costs. The chemicals in fabric softener will eat away at the fibres of your towel, making them less absorbent and more prone to mildew.
  • Don’t use bleach on towels made from cotton because it will degrade the material over time. To keep sand out of your washing machine (and out of other clothes), wash towels last when doing laundry, using an extra rinse cycle before drying to make sure any residue has been removed.

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