How to Connect to a 100 Gb/s Internet Network Using Ethernet

If you want to know how to connect to a 100 Gb/s internet network, you need to know what types of connections can handle such a high speed. You can connect to 100Gb/s networks using Ethernet, but you need to make sure you have a good PC card. The fastest PC card has 16 lanes that can process 8 GT/s each, so that’s 128 GT/s aggregately. The speed of this card is slightly decreased by line coding, which packages Ethernet frames into PCI Express packets. Gen 4 should be out later this year. This update will allow a faster lane speed and will also eliminate the line coding used by gen 3.

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If you’re using an Ethernet adapter, make sure to turn off the Auto-Negotiation feature. This setting can interfere with network performance on certain types of Ethernet adapters. This setting causes the adapter to change its speed settings on its own without notifying you. Also, be sure to update any driver that may be outdated. Changing these settings could cause your connection to be slower than you would like.

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Another important factor to consider when comparing connection speeds is how much data you download. The average mp3 song on iTunes is about three to five megabytes while a 4K movie may contain several gigabytes. Therefore, you should check the MB/GB ratios of your connection, as these values may affect the speed of your internet. If you find yourself consuming too much data on a monthly basis, you should upgrade your connection.

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