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Huawei Mobile Application Engine Announces New Intelligent Office Strategy

Currently in public beta, Huawei Mobile Application Engine is a framework that allows you to use the software from your mobile device to run applications on your PC. These applications come from the official application store and can be used for a wide variety of tasks. You can use these tools to play games, watch short video clips, edit photos, and more. The software supports keyboard and mouse input, multi-window display, and vertical screen applications. partyguise

The platform offers hundreds of APIs for developers to use in their apps. With a large selection of dev kits and hundreds of APIs, the process of porting your app to a Huawei device should take ten minutes or less. The company also offers cash incentives to developers in various markets to ensure that their apps are preinstalled on Huawei smartphones. For now, the App Gallery is available for download. Developers can find information on how to get started by downloading the software here factnewsph

Huawei’s latest announcement is a step in a new direction for the company. Its consumer division is launching a new intelligent office strategy and recently announced a mobile application engine that aims to combine software and hardware to integrate data and ecosistems. The company also unveiled a new Android simulator to help users experience Android applications on their PCs. Huawei’s new smart office strategy combines hardware and software to create a truly integrated, smart office sccbuzz

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