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Making the Most of TikTok Marketing Research

The new social network TikTok has caught the attention of marketers, generating increasing ad dollars and millions of young users. Despite its popularity, TikTok marketing research indicates that it is still in its early stages. Fewer than 20% of advertising agency execs believe that the platform will succeed in bringing in business. It’s important to understand that social platforms have dominated digital marketing for years.

In TikTok, celebrities are popular, and nearly 25% of its content features a celebrity. Involving an influencer can help a brand generate buzz and boost algorithmic rankings. A few recent examples include a partnership between West Elm and Sophia Bush, who teamed up with Plant Kween to create a TikTok video on plant propagation. The result was a 70 percent increase in daily average sales for the brand.

While social media is a popular way to connect with millennials, TikTok users have a unique set of interests. The BBC, for example, uses TikTok to engage with students through its Bitesize account, a popular social network for teenagers. The BBC also uses TikTok to reach parents through its TikTok account, which focuses on STEM subjects and exam revision. The content shared on the social media platform is often raw and unfiltered. However, some people might be more interested in learning a new language or improving their fluency. In this case, a brand that wants to make a connection with its customers should consider this approach.

TikTok is an important marketing platform for brands, and the audience of millions of users means that the platform is a valuable space. Brands should consider creating a TikTok ad strategy that reaches a diverse audience at low cost. By implementing a strategy of paid marketing, a business can reach a large audience and boost profits. A few tips will help you to make the most of TikTok marketing research and create the most effective campaign for your company.

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