Should You Sue The Ridesharing Company For Your Accident?

Medical help plays a crucial role in every accident and injury. While most accident victims will prioritize taking care of their belongings after an accident, it will be advisable for you to gather medical help first. 

Besides, car accidents can occur when commuting in a ridesharing company’s cab. Such cases often leave the victims in doubt and confusion. Victims wonder if they should hire a Fort Wayne auto accident lawyer and sue the defendant driver or the ridesharing company. 

Irrespective of the legal process against the entity responsible for the accident, accident victims must take pictures of the incident as it could be used as evidence in another process. 

Should I pursue legal action against Uber or Lyft for the accident? 

You can pursue legal action against a ridesharing company such as Uber or Lyft. However, it will be advisable to refrain from moving ahead with legal action against the ridesharing company. It can become complicated when you seek legal action against Uber or Lyft. 

It is because these companies do not classify the drivers as their employees but define them as independent contractors. As a result, the ridesharing company might avoid liability for the accident by stating that they are not responsible for an independent contractor’s negligence. 

How can I seek compensation from the ridesharing company? 

While you might avoid pressing charges against the ridesharing company, you should know that you can seek compensation through the ridesharing company’s liability insurance. The accident victims must contact an auto accident lawyer in Fort Wayne and ask them to assist when seeking compensation. 

How do you obtain compensation from the ridesharing company after an accident? 

The ridesharing company might not be held liable for the accident. However, these companies must carry insurance to cover the passengers in their vehicles. The process of obtaining compensation from Uber or Lyft can be complicated. 

Specific conditions regarding a ridesharing accident determine whether the passenger and driver are covered under the company’s insurance. In most cases, both the driver and passenger will be eligible for compensation if the driver was on duty at the time of the accident. 

Although, compensation will not be rewarded if the driver was not on duty or if the driver was not logged onto the ridesharing app. Apart from the above scenarios, passengers and drivers can seek compensation. 

The passenger must contact the driver and an attorney to start obtaining compensation from the ridesharing company. Legal assistance must be taken. Otherwise, the chances of getting a claim can decrease. 

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