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Top 100 Cosmetic Companies in the World

There are many major players in the global cosmetics industry, but a few stand out above the rest. The WWD Beauty Inc. Top 100 ranks the world’s biggest cosmetic companies based on revenue in the calendar year 2020. The data was obtained directly from companies and compiled by industry sources. Listed below are the top 100 companies in the world, ranked by their annual revenue in U.S. dollars. Read on to learn more about each company.

– L’Oreal: L’Oreal’s sub-brands have been exploring new ways to connect with Chinese consumers. The company announced a partnership with Alibaba in 2019 to expand its digital capabilities, develop new products that lead trends, and create content to appeal to Chinese consumers. Eucerin and Nivea have also joined forces to expand their naturally-based products.tunai4d  They have also launched an app called the Nivea Skin Guide, which uses artificial intelligence to help consumers understand their skin types and recommend products that are appropriate for their needs.

Faberlic: Founded in 1997, Faberlic is a Russian company that produces patented oxygen cosmetics. This company operates in the Ukraine and Russia and has its own high-tech manufacturing and research facilities. Its product quality meets European standards, and its production lines are automatic. All products are subject to strict tests that ensure the safety of the products. They also adhere to GOST and SanPiN standards. Therefore, they are ranked among the Top 100 Cosmetic Companies in the World.

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