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What is the Difference Between an Automobile and Vehicle?

The terms automobile and vehicle are synonymous and refer to the same thing – a ground-based, passenger-car. The word “automobile” comes from the Greek word “autos” which means self or motion. The term automobile is also used to refer to motorcycles, mopeds, and motor vehicles. The automotive field encompasses all kinds of different vehicles, from personal automobiles to commercial vehicles, including semi-trucks, buses, and trucks.

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The term automobile is used to describe a ground-based vehicle intended to transport a driver and a small group of passengers, with a relatively light load. The term is often used to imply that a car can only carry four or five passengers, and that a van or SUV can accommodate more passengers. An automobile is a four-wheeled, fuel-powered vehicle, which generally has limited space.

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The term automobile is a common misnomer. An automobile is simply a self-propelled device suitable for driving on the road. They can have multiple features, such as a retractable roof, different braking systems, and three wheels. The word “automobile” can be applied to a variety of types of cars and is also used to describe the size of a truck. The term “automobile” is a descriptive term, and it describes vehicles with wheels.

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The term “automobile” refers to any wheeled vehicle that is fit for transportation. Its purpose is to move people and goods.

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There are many types of automobiles, with different features. They can be four-wheeled, have a retractable roof, and can have either a single, two, or three wheels. The propulsion of an automobile typically involves internal combustion engines or steam or electric motors. Its power varies from fifty to more than 200 horsepower, depending on its size and type.

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An automobile is a vehicle that moves on the road. It is also a type of vehicle that can carry both people and goods. An automobile is an automobile. There are several main differences between an automobile. A motorbike is an automobile, while a car is a vehicle that has four wheels. It is an auto and a motorcycle. And the term is usually applied to any motor bike that has two wheels and two axles.

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An automobile is an engine-driven vehicle, and a vehicle is an animal-drawn car. An automobile is a wheeled vehicle. A car is an animal that can be drawn by a human, and is a mechanically powered vehicle. The two terms are often confused, though, as a horse does not have a steering wheel, which has a limited range of motion. An automobile is the only type of vehicle that has wheels.

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