Why Do People Always Call the Internet Wi Fi?

The internet is a complex network that allows computers to communicate with each other. Every device connects to the network in some way. However, each one takes up bandwidth, and that means every other device that is connected will decrease your internet speed. This is what’s known as congestion, and it can happen when everyone in your house is trying to get online at the same time. This is why older devices can cause lane closures, slowing down your connection.

The technology behind Wi-Fi is actually a type of advanced digital radio. The radio waves used for Wi-Fi are between two and five gigahertz, the same frequencies as microwave ovens. In fact, Wi-Fi has a long history, going back to the ALOHAnet, a wireless network connecting the islands of Great Hawaii. In fact, Ethernet has its roots in ALOHAnet. The technology behind Wi-Fi comes from two companies that started out as cash register manufacturers. In 1991, they developed WaveLAN, a wireless radio standard for cash registers.

The term Wi-Fi came about due to marketing purposes. The original goal was to brand a wireless networking technology. The catchy name caught on, and today Wi-Fi is ubiquitous. In fact, it is used in so many places that Wi-Fi is no longer called “wireless”! The Internet is more properly known as Wi-Fi, and some household gadgetry has a combination of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

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